Riddoch Coonawarra Shiraz 2015

This is an exclusive bottling for Woolworth’s BWS stores. Winemaker is Neil Doddridge.

Riddoch Coonawarra, Shiraz, Coonawarra, 2015

Without knowing the exact alcohol by volume percentages for every wine in the region, I’ve still a sneaking suspicion that these days there are very few shiraz being made from Coonawarra fruit coming in at 15%. In my opinion, shiraz in the region doesn’t need that much fuel to be full flavoured and silky, as beautifully demonstrated by Wynn’s with their White Label shiraz (also around the same price). That suggests to me a deliberate ploy to attain a specific flavour profile for a specific target market…anyways: Licorice, chocolate, sweet coconut oaky notes, clove spice, black pepper, menthol and some baked red fruits. Super smooth palate that slides in with promises of all sorts of sweet rides: some peppery spice garnishes a small amount of fine tannin. Not scared of showing the alcohol either while finishing minty and meaty.

RRP: $20
Alc: 15%
Rating: 15/20

Wine sample courtesy of Pinnacle Drinks and Dialogue PR

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