Claymore Wines Skinny Love Summer White 2016

Interesting premise, an overtly advertised “low alcohol” wine with the name Skinny White: I’m pretty sure the target market isn’t me.  The grape type is also only present on the back label and in this case, viognier. Come on skinny love just last the year. Pour a little salt we were never here. Winemaker is Marnie Roberts.

Claymore Wines, Skinny Love Summer White, Viognier, Clare Valley, 2016

This also  carries 11.6g/L of residual sugar. Super floral perfume with all sorts of blossoms, soft stone fruit, green melon and a pinch of bergamot. The viognier carries some weight and ginger spice through the medium sweet apricot stone fruit, almost as an apology to the intended style. The crisp apple acidity ensures freshness rather than a cloying finish. Does exactly what it sets out to do.

RRP: $20
Alc: 9.6%
Rating: 16/20

Wine sample courtesy of Claymore Wines


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