Passing Clouds The Fools On The Hill Chardonnay 2016

The Passing Clouds chardonnay vineyard sits at 742 metres above sea level in the Macedon Ranges and known for being one of the coolest sites in the country.

Passing Clouds, The Fools On The Hill, Chardonnay, Macedon Ranges, 2016

Starts out with a nose of light sweet tropical fruits, lemon drops, barley water and smoky, baking notes before fig and some light custard tart sulfides. Finely structured with a solid scream of acidity like the shower scene in “Psycho.” The fruit is somewhat disguised under the texture and acidity but it is there, with light grapefruit and ginger spice nuances. Needs a few years to calm down.

RRP: $47
Alc: 13%
Rating: 16/20

Wine sample courtesy of Passing Clouds and White Ink


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