Bailey Wine Co. Watervale Riesling 2017

Tim Bailey, all round Coonawarra top bloke makes wines for some of the bigger players, such as Leconfield but this is his and wife Loo’s foray into winemaking independence. Sourced from the Bryksy Vineyard overlooking the Watervale, 430m above sea level and consisting of red loam over limestone.

Bailey Wine Co., Watervale, Riesling, Clare Valley, 2017


A delicate, fine soft pale straw colour. Seriously light. Restrained lime, powder, chalk, green apple and chamomile. Such a fine boned thing at this early time; it steps so lightly and intricately shining like a will-o’-the-whisp and everything is merely a suggestion of what will be. For the now, this is simply a refreshing tonic that may fall and fail if paired with anything other than the freshest white sashimi of scallop or kingfish. Have patience, allow time.

RRP: $25
Alc: 11%
Rating: 17.25/20

Wine sample courtesy of Bailey Wine Co.


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