Lowe Wines PF 500 Shiraz 2017

PF stands for Preservative Free and espouses David Lowe’s ethos. You can also throw in Biodynamic and Vegan for  few more of your zeitgeist wine label bingo games. 500 ml bottle….4 decent glasses for a dinner serve? Niche marketing point? Take your pick!

Lowe Wines, PF 500, Shiraz, Mudgee, 2017

Hyper violet and electric purple edges. Aromas of toasted coconut, choc, plum, fresh earth, coffee grounds,  blueberry muffin, Chinese 5 spice, sweet grilled pineapple, high mint and coarse ground herbs. Rustic and somewhat angry angles as it chunks it way through the fruit profile until it steels and settles into the wheel rut of “shiraz.” Gutsy Mudgee Shiraz with efforts of a County Donegal Irish dreamy lilt to smooth the way,  but not yet. There’s a biscuit character to the sweet Turkish delight and violet kisses before a choc/coffee/earthy finish and hints of a more spirituous abv than the 13.9%, but hey who really knows? Drying, coarse tannins that ride in like a home schooled cow hand: uncouth but with a confident swagger.

RRP: $17 (500ml) $22 (750ml)
Alc:  13.9%
Rating: 16.75/20

Wine sample courtesy of Lowe Wines and Define Wine



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