Gundog Estate Off-Dry Semillon 2019

Semillon is known for its piercing acidity in youth, so stopping fermentation early to retain residual sugars results in a lower-alcohol wine. Classed as Off-Dry, these kinds of wines do well to temper spice and having that acidity also means they can cut through richer foods. It also means that you can have a second or third glass over dinner and may still be right to drive….

Gundog Estate, Off-Dry, Semillon, Hunter Valley, 2019

A sweet, fresh nose of lemon sorbet, grilled lime halves, lemon soaps and nougat. The residual sugar gives a slippery, round viscosity to the mouthfeel while all that acidity keeps the juiciness factor cranked high. The finish is tight as a button. Classy, easy and moreish.

RRP: $30
Alc: 8.2%
Rating 18/20

Wine sample courtesy of Gundog Estate

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