La Maschera Rosé of Granaxia 2019

Rosato style of wine. Plenty of Barossa Grenache with a healthy splash of Sangiovese (10%) as a nod to the Italian origins. 50% of the juice was matured in old oak for 2 months. Winemaker is Sam Wigan.

La Maschera, Rosé of Granaxia, Barossa Valley, 2019


Pale musk hue. Plenty of fruity/creamy strawberry yoghurt, raspberry jube, burnt orange, smoked white peach slices and a little crushed fresh herb leaf. Bright and streamlined palate: focused, (yet restrained) strawberry fruit with heightened juicy acidity and a steely wrapping. A bigger glass releases more of the red fruits while a narrower, glass ensures a crisp, textural experience. Serve chilled, with plenty of friends and big plate full of Suppli or a pot of Mapo Tofu as is your wont.

RRP: $23
Alc: 11%
Rating: 16.5/20

Wine sample courtesy of La Maschera and HSFV

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