Blue Pyrenees Estate Shiraz 2017

Western Victoria is possibly one of the regions in Australia that could label their Shiraz as “Syrah” and not many who accept the stylistic difference would blink an eye.

Label artwork is entitled “The Blue Pyrenees (Turning orange at sundown)” by John Sheehan. Note: bottle image is of the 2014 and medals do not apply for the 2017.

Blue Pyrenees Estate, Shiraz, Pyrenees, 2017

True to form of cool climate Shiraz, this is saddled with plenty of spice, pepper hits of white and pink corns. Anise, earthy licorice and with sweeter notes of vanilla bean and rum n’ raisin choc Some rusticity with earthy older leather hints too. Medium-full, smooth and gliding on the palate. Handsome, piquant spice and cool, restrained dark fruit. The tannins are soft and nodule-like, in lovely balance with the tight fruit. Good length to finish.

RRP: $28
Alc: 14%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Blue Pyrenees Estate


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