Banta Box Pinot Grigio NV

Part of the new Banta Box casked wine range from Calabria Family Wines. Packaged in eco friendly materials which results in “13% of the carbon footprint” associated with packaging and shipping the wine in a glass bottle.  As for the naming: Banta is being used as an equivalent term for “banter,” that is good chat among friends.
No vintage stated for the wine. Vegan friendly.

Banta Box, Pinot Grigio, Riverina, NV

Banta Box_Pinot Grigio_SIDE

Honeyed and slight milky breakfast tea aromas with chunky tinned pear flesh, light barley sugar, rich citrus, crystalline ginger, green apple and melon peel. Steely and wan palate. Initial flesh before light weight reflections of Pinot Gris. It’s clean and fresh, without complexity.

: $13.99 (2 Litres)
Alc: 12%
Rating: 16.25/10 (85/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Calabria Family Wines


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