Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Prosecco NV

Everyone has to have a Prosecco don’t they? Prosecco sales continue to trend up, as do zero alcohol wines. So why not have both?  From the clever team at Fourth Wave Wine , the wines are “hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners, but the “addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process.”  Made from traditional “Prosecco” grape Glera and sourced from various South Australian vineyards. Under cork. Winemaker is is Corey Ryan.

Plus & Minus, Zero Alcohol, Prosecco, South Australia, NV 


Medium lemon hue with excited bubbles. Varietal green grape and green apple aromas with a little honeysuckle and wax paper. Neatly effervescent with a fine mousse, Lemon/lime citrus (akin to Thirst lollies), fairy floss, ripe green apple and with a hint of drying chalk through the tail. Decent amount of texture and varietal flavour with refreshing acidity.

RRP: $15
Alc: < 0.5%
Rating: 16.75/20 (87/100)

Wine sample courtesy of  Fourth Wave Wine

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