Gundog Estate Riesling 2021

A return to normal programming after a 2020 vintage that can just get in the bin. Here Gundog offer the the best Canberra District fruit. Note, bottle image is of 2019, but nought has changed except the vintage year

Gundog Estate, Riesling, Canberra District, 2021

Clear and pale in colour. Delicate and refined Riesling with lime zest, light talc dust, carrot top herbaceous tone, knobby white quartz rocks and easy blossom. Talcy and textural with needlepoint exactness of flavour. Puckering and salty with limey citrus acidity that clings and drills to the teeth for many breaths after the wine has gone. Persistence of intensity that doesn’t shirk its duty.

RRP: $45
Alc: 11.6%
Rating: 18.75/20 (94/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Gundog Estate


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