tilde~ Australian Raw Vodka NV

Every now and then some that isn’t wine comes across the desk. Technically I do have accreditation in Spirits through WSET, but they’ve not been my focus for this site. Regardless, this is an exciting new product to hit the burgeoning shelves of the Australian craft spirit industry.

Tilde~ collaboration between bartender Natalie Ng (co-owner at Sydney bar Door Knock), White Rabbit brewer Jeremy Halse and Master Distiller Valero Jimenez of Joadja Distillery. The “raw” naming comes from their production process with “no charcoal or carbon filtering, no added sugar and no additives whatsoever (aside from natural spring water).”

tilde~, Australian Raw, Vodka, Australia, NV


Presents clear in the glass with no haze or tint and fast moving viscous legs. Milled grains, steel and brine on the nose with earthy undergrowth and fresh lemony citrus cut. The palate is richly creamy and softly textural adding to the viscous smoothness of the alcohol. Strong citrus and raw grain flavours that still feel fresh and lively. Long finish with persistence and little heat. A quality addition to the spirit scene.

RRP: $75 (AUD)
Alc: 40%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of tilde~  and Liquid Ideas


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