McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate 5 year Classic Tawny NV

Renowned fortified producer McWilliam’s present their entry level fortified Tawny (formerly known as Port, but we can’t call it that anymore). Tawny is a blend of years, rather than a vintage from a single year. Aged for 5 years in barrel before bottling. Winemaker is Russell Cody.

McWilliam’s, Hanwood Estate, 5 year Classic Tawny, Riverina, NV


Walnut hue with garnet rim. Garam spice, caramel sauce, roasted hazelnut, roast tomato, strawberry red fruit, French toast and with a spiritous sheen. Viscous palate. Medium depth of flavour filled with nutty caramel sweetness but still showing its red fruit spectrum. With a fine and tight finish it stays fresh and clean.

RRP: $20
Alc: 18.5%
Rating: 18/20 (92/100)

Wine sample courtesy of McWilliam’s


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