Oh Alex Gambal….where art thou?


Well, less than 24 hours till we are on the plane! I’m testing out the WordPress app for my phone, so that I don’t completely cock up the first post when overseas. But this post isn’t just a practice run…

The cases are almost packed. My suitcase has a little more meaning than I had initially thought. During the week I was contacted through Twitter by David Lloyd of Eldridge Estate winery on the Mornington Peninsula and to paraphrase the conversation, David asked me if I could take some of his wine to France to deliver to a Burgundian winemaker, Alex Gambal.
I said yes immediately (maybe because I am just a little too nice sometimes), but stated that as I don’t know Mnsr Gambal, I would need a letter of reference or introduction, especially as we’ll be there probably during vendage/vintage harvest when winemakers tend to be more concerned with the grapes coming through the winery doors rather than unknown Australian visitors bearing bottled Southern Hemisphere representations of their most famous varietals.
But as I read the email of introduction, I realised that this freight request held a little more meaning than using me simply as a vinous mule. David’s wife Wendy, whom I have never met, has rather advanced cancer.
David lovingly calls her the Queen Of Chardonnay (personally, I think it is a wonderful title of endearment!), and as it turns out, Alex Gambal has made one of, if not the favourite Chardonnay that Wendy has tasted and loved.

David has subtly asked me that if I should find the label that Alex Gambal has made which Wendy has loved, I should let him know and we’ll sort something out to see if we can get the bottles back to Australia, hopefully for Wendy to taste and to savour and to love once again.

So I see the request to carry a couple of bottles in my case a small labour. If all it takes me is some room in a bag and a little time in places that we were already going to visit…and through those actions speak volume of gratitude from a winemaker and husband who has a sick wife, then that makes our journey hold a little more purpose.
An Odyssey of sorts. Oh, brother…


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