Monument Wines….

Monument Reds...

Monument Reds…Monumental labels

Monument Vineyard, not the first name that pops into your head thinking of Orange, NSW. But for every wine region’s Philip Shaw or Cumulus, there’s an equivalent of Monument. Passionate people working hard on their dream of growing grapes and raising stock in the  fresh air of the Australian Landscape. The wines reflect that mantra: hard working, nothing flashy but true to their roots.

Old tractors...useful for spare parts

Old tractors…useful for spare parts

2012 Shiraz

Pepper, earth, new leather, a little pretty perfume. Some herb/Bay leaf aromas. Mulberries and red fruits & with easy oak fleshing out the palate. Mid to just full body and good juicy acidity that shows often in Orange reds. Easily drinkable and a tasty wine. Star of the show.

Alcohol: 13.2% RRP: $18

Yes, the sky is that blue in Orange.

Yes, the sky is that blue in Orange.

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon 

Good mint and blackberry initially on the nose. Some pencil and graphite notes but there’s sour dairy/cheesy hints. A little bacterial spoilage?  Cigar ash, definitely on the green side with cut capsicum, leafy and herbaceous notes. Cherries to black fruits with a savoury note. Medium bodied, finishes with mint/menthol with medium gritty tannins. Slight Cabernet doughnut effect of missing the middle palate. A little more time in bottle should see it settle down.

Alcohol: 14% RRP: $18

Tannins can take the leaves off the trees!

Tannins can take the leaves off the trees…

2011 Nebbiolo

Tannin and acid. The 2 things that should typify a Nebbiolo. Things that wines from Orange should probably have in spades…so in theory, Nebbiolo should work quite well in Orange. Medium red in colour, thinning at the edges. Good sign for a Nebbiolo. Gun smoke, meatiness,  cherries, earth, herbaceous/leafy bordering on vegetal.

Medium bodied with molto silky tannins e molto acidity. Sour sour red fruit, licorice & fennel. There’s a glycerol roundness. Finishes a little lean on fresh fruit flavours but is that what you want from a Nebbiolo? Perfectly serviceable with food for the moment and in this case, Pasta with tomato, Trunkey Bacon (from Orange) & chilli. Is it built for the long run like the great Barolos ? Time will tell….

Alcohol: 14.2% RRP: $18

Labels can be can captions. Crimson Tide.

Labels can be cryptic…so can captions. Crimson Tide.

2011 Verdelho

Another variety that probably should get more of a showing than it does when it comes to fighting back the “Sauvalanche.”  Pale gold in the glass. Nose of sweet (but not sickly/luscious) fruits: dried pineapple and pawpaw. There’s spice and quince and a rich, almost honeysuckle waft.

Flavours of grilled limes and sweetness of the honeysuckle. Dried tropical fruits as per the nose. Peaking acidity and the wine is bone dry. Mid palate viscosity and a warmness from the big(ish) alcohol. Lingering lime cordial finish. Easy to drink and food friendly…

Alcohol: 14% RRP: $15

All wines samples courtesy of Monument Vineyard

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