Clonakilla Viognier Nouveau 2012

The story of Clonakilla is a well known one and the accolades many. The Shiraz Viognier consistently rates as one of the great red wines in Australia.

To understand that wine though, I think you need to understand a very important part, that is: The Viognier. Overdone Viognier can be unctuous,  heavy with ginger snap biscuits and cooked apricot. Then you get Clonakilla’s Viognier. Seek it out. And the Nouveau has been borne out of that need to enjoy the wine even earlier!

A crisp nose of white flowers, a touch of sweet candle wax and fresh stonefruit skin. Green apples and stone fruit, very light ginger notes. Textural, crisp, fuller (not fat or flabby) than you think you can get from an early bottled, stainless steel fermented white.

As the 2013 has just been released, I’m not sure how hard it will be to find the 2012, but regardless of vintage, just find this label and drink up!

Alc: 12%

RRP: $24

Cellar Door Purchase

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