Angullong Fossil Hill 2012 Reds

No need to dig too far here...

No need to dig too far here…

Angullong vineyards straddle the boundary of the Orange G.I and the Central Ranges G.I in middle New South Wales. The Orange G.I is designated by having vineyards over an altitude of 620 metres above sea level. Anything under that has to be labelled Central Ranges, as such some of Angullong’s wines must be labelled with both regions.

The Fossil Hill range labels also “tell a story about the geology of the region. Over 450 million years ago during the Ordovician period, the area around Angullong was covered with sea and inhabited by some of the earliest forms of life. Over the course of time the sea has disappeared and the limestone that was laid down during the Ordovician period is now covered with basalt loam from nearby Mt Canobolas. Evidence of these creatures remains in the limestone as fossils which can be found at Angullong.”

Angullong have done very well in previous years with their “Alternative Varieties” such as Savagnin, Marsanne, Barbera and Sangiovese along with the Tempranillo.

Fossil Hill Tempranillo, Orange/Central Ranges


Good purple colour with a bright rim. Juicy, dusty, stony, dark raspberry jube overlaid with a lovely earthy character. Unique oak waft like a vanilla cigarillo. Medium bodied: dark red fruits with savoury/sweet roast baby beetroot. Trademark acidity of the region along with fine, yet still a little raspy, tannins. Finishes with lingering spice. Drink up now with lamb or duck.

RRP: $24

Alc: 13.5%


Fossil Hill Shiraz Viognier, Orange



Lots going on with the aromas on this co-fermented blend. Plush violets, lifted sweetness from the Viognier. Dark fruits with an almost a pastille quality. Lashings of pepper tickle the nostrils. Something a little out of balance here: the usually equally weighted tannin/acid slightly out of kilter. There’s a fruit shy, linear, green edge that finishes lean after the round, plush plum of well oaked shiraz. The Viognier gives a distinct stone fruit tang and that pepper consistently seasons the palate. I think the vintage implications mean this isn’t the best example of what Angullong can produce.

RRP: $24

Alc: 13.5%

Both wines samples courtesy of Define Wine and Angullong Vineyard


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