Andevine of the Hunter Valley

Andevine is the almost epnoymous label from Andrew Leembruggen. He’s held senior positions at Drayton’s and McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant, and recently teamed up with Usher Tinkler to form Crush House wines. This range however, is purely his own doing as he steeps his toe into the waters of self-employment!

The press release that accompanies the wines states:

Andevine wines are lovingly crafted to be soft, delicate and alluring. They are wines that can be shared with friends and family in any setting and are imbued with passion, personality and love. Andevine wines are typical of their place of origin but are characteristically perfumed and fruit focussed such that they are appealing to both aficionado and social drinker alike. The brand design is artistic and alluring to reflect this philosophy.

First impressions are always important and Andrew has done well here, the packaging is top notch. Excellent labels and bottle quality.

Andevine Reserve Semillon, Hunter Valley, 2014

Andevine Semillon

Unmistakeable Hunter Semillon nose: Rich lemon/lime, a touch of grass and a glimpse of blossom sweetness that become the honeyed, toasty stately wine of the future.

Typically tight and coiled. Acid primary spine structure, but flesh on the bones is all lemon and soft lime. Juicy and thirst quenching. Well crafted, the lingering citrus remains long to leave you in no doubt as to its origins.

RRP: $30

Alc: 11.5%

Andevine Reserve Chardonnay, Hunter Valley, 2013

Andevine Chardonnay

There’s almost a Gris like blush to this wine in the glass. Very interesting indeed. Almond meal nuttiness, lemon pith, nectarine skins and soft oak spice.

Rounded, yet with good linear acid framework. Stone fruit, nuts and grapefruit. A central flavour core of that lemon pith. There’s a little bit of yeasty funk. Smart oak providing spice and plenty of texture. Shows that Hunter Chardonnay can be very good indeed.

RRP: $30

Alc: 12.8%

Andevine Reserve Shiraz, Hunter Valley, 2013

Andevine Shiraz

Enticing smells of poaching spiced plums, white pepper, glossy cherries and a touch of spicy chicory. Plentiful tannins remain after elegant red/dark red fruits weave in and out, nuanced with pepper and spice. A lovely wine of structure and promise. Spiced and elegant, two words that kept coming to mind when tasting this class act of a debut.

RRP: $30

Alc: 12.8%

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