McPherson Family Wines

I didn’t know anything about McPherson Wines until being sent these for review.

The region is marked as South Eastern Australia, but they’re predominantly sourced from Goulburn Valley, near Nagambie in North-East Victoria. Doing some research their upper tiered wines seem to kick some goals, but this entry level is somewhat disappointing.

McPherson Family Wines, “Andrew,” Shiraz, SEA, 2014

web-mcp13shiraz (1)

White pepper, glossy tart black cherries, fresh fermenting grapes finishes with a sour meaty tang. Clean, glossy, medium bodied. A handful of sandy tannins and a warm finish. Seems almost soulless. Definitely an addition problem here, I started sneezing within seconds of the first sip.

RRP: $11

Alc: 14%


McPherson Family Wines, “Pickles,” Sauvignon Blanc, SEA, 2014



Characteristic gooseberry and honeydew melon tropical. Cut green capsicum and an earthy ash edge. Acidity is sour and borders on flabby. Not quite as crisp and light as I’d like it to be.

RRP: $11

Alc: 12.5%


McPherson Family Wines, “Lucie’s Promise,” Rosé, SEA, 2014


Nose of rich butter and ripe red fruits: strawberries and confectionary Raspberries. Sour red fruits with medium sweetness. A little extract for mouth-feel but finishes watery. Maybe throw it at a spicy curry to match up. Didn’t make me sneeze! Probably best wine in the line up.

RRP: $11

Alc: 13.5%


McPherson Family Wines, “Catriona” Chardonnay, SEA, 2014

web-mcp13cha (1)

A blend of 5 different parcels: all with different maturation methods, yeasts, (French) oak treatments and some through Malolactic fermentation.

Ripe peachy stonefruit with overtones of sweeter tropicals. Yoghurt/creamy notes and soft oak spice rounds it out. First taste and I’m sneezing again. Mid weight, but tropical fruit rich style. Ripe yellow peachy stone fruit with lemon butter citrus before falling away to a tart grapefruit bitterness. Not a huge amount of extract or grip for complexity.

RRP: $11

Alc: 13.5%


Wine samples courtesy of McPherson Family Wines


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