Another Old Orange…Patina Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2006


Gerald Naef isn’t one for sticking to the winemaking norms. Deliberately holding on to specific wines before releasing must be his accountant’s worst nightmare, but it definitely shows the potential for ageing in the wines he produces. Orange NSW is cool, almost cold climate viticulture. The Patina vineyard sits at 930 metres above sea level…so pictures like the above can certainly occur in winter. Cabernet in the right years in Orange can be a classy wine indeed. The Patina 06 is one of those.

Patina Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Orange, 2006

Patina Cab

Cork Seal. Matured in predominantly French oak with a dash of American (Gerald IS from California!).

Some definite aged notes on the nose: Leather along with woody pencils and undergrowth. Sweet toasted cinnamon oak spice and brambly black cassis.

Smooth and sweet blackberry fruit dominates the palate with a touch of olive savouriness. Edge of spicy herbaceous tobacco. Flavour finishes a little lean, but not too thin or green. The benefit of age has started to integrate the tannins….but only just. They’re still there. And there is plenty of them. Like sand, they get into every crevice in the mouth. It’ll last for a while longer, but at 9 years, it’s drinking well now. Excellent value.

RRP: $30

Alc: 13.2%

Sample courtesy of Patina Wines and Define Wine


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