Running With Bulls Barossa Tempranillo 2014

Produced by “Rafa Vineyards” but it doesn’t take long to determine the pedigree of this Toro. Obviously someone is a tennis fan too. Handy, as Wimbledon is on at the moment and this is the perfect wine to have whilst staying up too late watching “just til the end of this next set.”

There’s a lovely piece of side text on the label describing the Running…Olé!

Running With Bulls, Tempranillo, Barossa, 2014

Bright red jubes, a touch of cola syrup, a drift of campfire smoke, fresh thyme.

Smooth, medium bodied. Plump red Barossa fruits, burnt caramel tinged and cola edged with a distinct herby line. Still with plenty of meat based tapas / aussie bbqs friendly gritty tannins. Tastes a little hotter than the alc suggests, but it’s fun and slupparble. Keep running..

RRP: $23
Alc: 13.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Running With Bulls


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