Topper’s Mountain Blends


No need for any huge introduction for Topper’s Mountain, save to say they’re doing some great things in the New England district of New South Wales. I’ve written up several of their wines previously. These wines are unique but not polarising. This release sees their 2 blends, a red and a white sent into the market.  Hardly the scraps and leftovers, these are textured wines; well put together blends made for drinking, and yet definitely with one eye on the horizon of cellaring potential.

Topper’s Mountain “Bricolage Blanc,” White Blend, 2014

Toppers Mountain 2014 Bricolage Blanc

A blend of Chardonnay (64%), Gewurztraminer (21%), Viognier (12%) and Sauvignon Blanc (2%).

Bricolage translates from French to be….well, pretty much “DIY” or “Makeshift.” But this isn’t one of those ridiculous DIY “reality” TV shows, it’s even beyond a flat pack from Ikea (even if it HAD the right amount of screws.) Tis much better than that indeed.

Loads of musky rosewater from the obvious Gewurztraminer. Lemony sherbet, potato flower, flour, juicy melon and a grassy softness. The palate generous, yet still fine. Lemongrass, grapefruit give citrus tang and lift to sweet (but not sickly) gewurz rosewater. Chalky texture and complex. A field blend that truly speaks of terroir.

RRP: $35

Alc: 12.9%


Topper’s Mountain “Red Earth Child,” Red Blend, 2012

Topper's Mountain 2050 NV Red Earth Child


A blend of Tempranillo (60%), Nebbiolo (15%), Tannat (15%) and Barbera (10%).

Red Earth Child sounds a bit hippy, like it should arrive at your place in a VW Kombi, wearing hemp trousers and smelling of Patchouli. But it’s more than that. Deep cabbage rose perfume, brown sugar and brown spices. There’s an iodine, inky quality. Blackberry, mulberry, plums, graphite/pencil and walnut furniture.

Tight, soursweet berries of blue/purple fruit that deeps and dips into red and black berries. A real Fruits Of The Forest spread. Medium bodied…but with plenty of eponymous earthy tannins. Concentrated flavour without heading to confection. A unique blend that is an incredibly drinkable elixir.

RRP: $38

Alc: 13.9%

Wine samples courtesy of Topper’s Mountain


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