Lowe Wines Tinja Shiraz 2015

Technically, the full name for this is Lowe Wines Tinja Preservative Free Organic Shiraz 2015. Some people claim they’re “allergic” to the “preservatives in wine.” When someone says they’re “allergic” to “preservatives in wine,” ask them if they’re allergic to dried apricots, also. Sulphur (SO2 or Preservative 220) is a commonly used substance in wine making and many other products. Now, some people genuinely are allergic to Sulphur  but for the most part, sulphur as a preservative in wine is harmless. If consumers have an adverse reaction, it may be due one of several other compounds involved in the wine making process (either natural or added). So when wine making eschews any sort of Preservative addition, does it become simply a fashionable marketing ploy? Or a true attempt to aim a product at a very specific target market who are crying out to be treated like everybody else? Or is it a case of a winemaker simply making wines…with nothing else added?

Should it even matter?

Lowe Wines, Tinja, Shiraz, Mudgee 2015


Cocoa nut, deep leather and some stinky animalistic meat. Rich blue plums, fresh coconut flesh. Polarising palate. You’ll either love it or hate it. Seems young and simple, yet with much understated complexity. Spice and white pepper drift along top of earthy Mudgee terrior with a core of tight little blue berried fruit. There’s power here, don’t think this is a less of a wine because of reduced additions. Sometimes less is more.

RRP: $22
Alc: 12%

Wine sample courtesy of Lowe Wines and Define Wine

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