Quartz Hill of the Pyrenees

One of the best things about wine writing, is that every now and then, a little nugget shines that little more brighter than the others, and those fresh discoveries are what I love about wine. Quartz Hill contacted me out of the blue to send through 2 wines and I’m bloody glad they did. Situated just south of the township of Avoca in the western Victoria Pyrenees, handwritten information on the sample stickers and whilst the packaging is simple in design, it isn’t amateur. No Fool’s Gold amongst this Quartz Hill

Quartz Hill, Viognier, Pyrenees , 2014

2014 Quartz Hill Viognier photo

Vines planted in 2003. 18 months in French Oak: Gorgeous aromas: Fresh apricot slices mixing with barrel ageing flinty aromas. There’s balance and tension between viscosity of the natural weight of the Viognier, barrel work and the coolish-region-retaining increased crispness. The layers of stonefruit and citrus are deliciously ripe and right on the money. Lingering honey and spice leave you wanting another glass. Excellent wine.

Available via the Quartz Hill website.

RRP: $32
Alc: 13.5%

Quartz Hill, “Pebbles”, Shiraz, Pyrenees , 2013

2013 Quartz Hill Pebbles Shiraz photo

Vineyard first planted to clone PT23 (believed to be sourced from original cuttings of Busby’s Hermitage vines) in 1995 and then planted with more local Clones from Best’s and Great Western in 2001.  Deeply herbaceous. Warmed Rosemary sprigs, ripe blood plum, plenty of white pepper, a touch of charcuterie meaty savouryness and a ganache-like icing of sweet oak. Mineral, drying, savoury, gravelly. The whispered plum from the nose sits in the background along with lingering pepper and graphite. Smokyness pervades whilst the cool climate acidity gives a speed bump. On the whole, a lovely expression.

Available from the Quartz Hill website and Blackhearts & Sparrows

RRP: $25
Alc: 13.5%

Wine Samples courtesy of Quartz Hill

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