Hoddles Creek 1er Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2014

I’ve espoused the great value that Hoddles Creek Estate bring with their Wickhams Road and Estate range, so finally they step up and put a price tag somewhere near, yet still underneath, what it should be on a wine of this calibre….

Hoddles Creek 1er Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2014


The nomenclature and livery a take on the Premier Cru vineyards of Burgundy…and probably better value than most Montrachets: also being sealed with screw cap means your investment is a little more secure.

Spicy nutmeg oak is evident and statesman-like, but blow that off: peel the layers and underneath find mature peach stone fruit, rock melon skin, baked sour dough bread. No doubting the power of this wine. The oak certainly fortifies the juice and whilst it’s a touch prevalent (with spice and toasty notes), it encompasses a beating pure heart of deep peach and rock melon hypodermic mesocarp. Simply gorgeous bittersweet fruit goes on and on with a touch of savoury straw to bundle all it up. Enjoy its power now or put it away for 10 years.

RRP: $45

Alc: 13.2%

Wine sample courtesy of Hoddles Creek Estate


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