Berton Vineyards The Black Shiraz 2015

The media wording around this states:

“The Black Shiraz is an extreme example of a Aussie Shiraz with deep colour, huge palate and high alcohol. Fast becoming our most popular wine.”

I try not to read too much about a wine before I taste it, as it may colour my opinion or give a bias. Not sure on this one.

Berton Vineyards The Black Shiraz, SEA, 2015

Metal Black Shiraz

Syrupy, spirituous dense black fruit: blackberries and boysenberry. Wet/used coffee grounds and plum jam. To paraphrase Shakira, “my nose don’t lie.” Hot and black pepper spiced. Blocky and black sour fruit that feels brutish and overwhelming. A raisin edge that reminds me of a vintage port. If you like it big, black and need to match family bbq-ed anything, this’ll do the trick.

RRP: $12

Alc: 14.5%

Wine sample courtesy of Berton Vineyards


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