St Hugo Shiraz 2013

I’m not usually lost for words, but this introductions has been written several times, none of which passed my usual muster. So I’m opting for honesty here, rather than an exhaustive preamble or esoteric musing. Ah well…on with the wine.

St Hugo, Shiraz, Barossa, 2013


Big ripe Barossa nose, chunks of chocolate, tight, unopened pine cones, dirt, plum jam, saxa white pepper. Sweet oak, Everything is big. Not for the faint-hearted. Underlying tone of pure Barossa plum and chocolate, like a throbbing basso continuo. Mezzo black fruit and top notes of spice / pepper seem a little strained as they compete with the gravelly tannin tenor. Cedary oak sits off to the side, in the wings, playing an off stage yet vital part. The alcohol lets it smooth down. Does a standalone Barossa Shiraz somewhat tarnish the heritage of St Hugo? Not sure, but it’s a solid wine in its own right.

RRP: $54.95
Alc: 14.9%

Wine sample courtesy of St. Hugo and Pernod-Ricard


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