West Cape Howe Styx Gully Chardonnay 2015

Chris De Burgh was on the radio the other night when I was channel surfing in the car:

“Don’t pay the Ferryman! Don’t even fix a price.

Don’t pay the Ferryman….until he gets you to the other side!”

In Greek mythology, the Styx River had a ferryman, Charon. Apparently you had to pay with an obolos. To get across the Styx Gully with Chardonnay, you’ll need about $28.

West Cape Howe, Styx Gully, Chardonnay, Mount Barker 2015

WCH NV StyxGullyChardFrom select parcels of fruit across the Mount Barker region. French oak maturation. Instantly hit with smoky cashew cream, green melon rind, baked lemon tart and tiny amount of plastic cheese/leesy funk.  Quite nutty and almost restrained on the palate. Fruit seems to be a little vague for the moment, but neither is it dominated by oak and artifice. Pleasant citrus sings a thin birdsong across a medium amount of phenolic grip. Age may be this wine’s friend, but drink now if you’re seeking understatement or a match to grilled trevalla.

RRP: $28

Alc: 12.7%

Wine sample courtesy of West Cape Howe Wines


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