Tahbilk Shiraz 2014

History. Future. Past. Present. When do you live in a moment? Every second of your life… When do you stop to think about living in that moment? Our lives are so fleeting. What I’ve just typed is my history. My future is yet to be at my fingertips, but it’s on display as the words appear on this screen. Tahbilk have one of the oldest histories in Australia. They’ve one of the brightest futures in Australia. So this leads me to the wine in my glass. The bottle has an RRP of $25.70. That’s almost a “Wednesday” wine. But wait, it’s Sunday…..and you’re forlorn: hoping the weekend will never end and knowing Monday brings emails, meeting requests, late meeting attendees and an intense desire to be doing what you were doing 24 hours ago. So what kind of wine do you open? Is it a “damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead” wine? Or is it “don’t open anything really good ’cause I should only have one glass and then it should go into the fridge so I can maybe get to it Wednesday after little Matthew’s water polo and Bailey’s dance class.” Tahbilk have the answer…..

Tahbilk, Shiraz, Nagambie Lakes, 2014

Siren (as in alluring) like aromas of cooking chocolate, oak, regional mint and earthy tones. Medium to full bodied with plenty of baking spice, plum skin and blackberry. The palate is slightly smoky with delicious purple and black fruits. It’ll age. It doesn’t need to. There’s tannin and a body built for defying age. It’s not expensive (in the great scheme of wines) and it’ll taste just like this in 15 years time. Or three days.

RRP: $25.70
Alc: 14%

Wine sample courtesy of Tahbilk






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