Pig In The House Celebrates 21 Years

Produced by the team from Windowrie for 21 years. Jason and Rebecca O’Dea have now converted their original certified 6 hectare vineyard to biodynamics.


Pig In The House, Organic Chardonnay, Cowra, 2016

Soft gold in the glass with yellow highlights. Smells like breakfast: light fig, butter and soda bread aromas, even a hint of Earl Grey tea. Unripe stone fruit follows before fresh French oak. First sip: crunchy acidity and spiced oak. A gob-full of earthy stone fruits and finishing with a bit of sour pouty whimper. Promises more on the snout than the trough delivers.

RRP: $25
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 15/20

Pig In The House, Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, Cowra, 2015

Cherry, blackberry juice (not flesh), toffee apple sweetness, boysenberry, meaty fungi and earthy little stones. Palate sees the same as the nose: good cherry and blackberry flavour profile. Finishes off with some fuzzy, sour tannins and coffee oak. Good varietal flavours that are not forsaken in the chase of the moniker.

RRP: $25
Alc: 14.8%
Rating: 16.5/20

Wine samples courtesy of Pig In The House. 



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