Claymore Wines Nirvana Reserve Shiraz 2013

Come as you are: doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be. The line may be some 26 years old but Kurt is as relevant as ever when you hear that line. The Claymore Nirvana Reserve Shiraz nudges 15.9% alcohol. This is a long way from the early 2000’s when “parkerised” reds roamed the land and nu-metal pretenders couldn’t hold a candle to what Kurt, Dave and Chris had done a decade before them. Only 2700 bottles produced, and this one bottled under cork. French and American oak maturation. Can it be as relevant and timeless as “Come As You Are” in 2017? Maybe, maybe not. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Claymore Wines, Nirvana Reserve, Shiraz, Clare Valley, 2013

Bottle age has tempered what would have been a beastly youthful thing. Now’s there’s just-primary aromas of prune, blackberry, coconut oak, black olive, resin, licorice, star anise and spearmint with secondary hints of glazed roast beef. The fruit is still buried deep under mountain of tannin and while it doesn’t feel too slippery on the palate, a sharp alcohol tang jags the finish. Shouts of peppercorns, dark berries and vanillan oak loop until fade. Whilst it’s not my style, it isn’t too far out balance and just maybe another year will see it integrate a little more.

RRP: $45
Alc: 15.9%
Rating:  17/20

Wine sample courtesy of Claymore Wines

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