De Bortoli Vinoque Heathcote Ridge Vineyard Grenache 2016

I was lucky enough early in the year to sit with Leanne De Bortoli and Steve Webber on their back deck, enjoying a couple of glasses of wine, when the conversation turned to Heathcote, where I spent time as a child. Steve sees huge potential for grenache in the region at relatively modest price points and De Bortoli have several labels with the fruit from various vineyards.

De Bortoli Vinoque, Heathcote Ridge Vineyard, Grenache, 2016

Jumps from the glass with raspberry jelly crystals (just warmed…before setting), cherries, a leafy lilt and stony offset. An easy going vibe to this wine: Medium to full bodied with plenty of juicy raspberry, a mineral line with very fine, but persistent tannins. Shows an ankle glimpse of choc/nut oak. Dark but not obtuse, light but not a frivolity. Even handles some spice in food matching.  Good value and a proof point to Steve’s vision for the region.

Alc: 14.5%
Rating: 17/20

Wine sample courtesy of De Bortoli


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