Craftsman Zesty and Crisp Riesling 2016

Labeling like this takes a little of the mystery out wine shopping and makes informed sales staff slightly redundant also. Anyways, exclusive to Woolworth’s stores: BWS and Dan Murphy’s

Craftsman, Zesty and Crisp Riesling, Clare Valley, 2016

Smells pretty much like Clare riesling: lime, slate and a bit of apple skin. However the skin also contains a bit of apple flesh too: There’s a chunkiness to the nose that belies the label. Slightly flat on the front palate, it does contain a zesty acid line through the middle and finishing with more of that fleshy apple and Bickford’s lime cordial, but falling short towards the end and chunking out.

RRP: $15
Alc: 12%
Rating: 15/20

Wine sample courtesy of Pinnacle Liquor and Dialogue PR


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