Mitchell Harris Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

People say social media is dead. Donald Trump pretty much made people turn away from Twitter and Instagram played upon the fact that people have little time to read anything and focused on gorgeous pictures, albeit with a majestic filter or completely staged. (I’m still not sure of the purpose of Snapchat: seems to be all about kids and regrets) However, the Mitchell Harris Instagram and Twitter accounts are two that I gladly see as I’m scrolling through my feed. But enough…those zeitgeists are not merely distractions away from poorly produced wines: more a visual representation of the philosophy of the winemaking: A little unique, attention catching and always appealing.

Mitchell Harris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pyrenees, 2015

A comforting (for some) opening smell….like the iron heating up before making the cotton all soft and warm to put on against your skin, yet somehow this also translates as a cooling, clean, refreshing perfume. Familiar aromas of light wooden pencil, bramble and blackcurrant. Medium-full bodied with fine tannins that don’t want to intrude: like good wait staff, they know exactly what to do and when to do it without ruining your night. Dark chocolate mixes with dark blackberry to create a seamless and elegant experience. Class and refinement.

RRP: $30
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 18.5/20

Wine sample courtesy of Mitchell Harris

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