Minchinbury Blush Rosé Cuvée NV

The online wine business I used to help out with had a couple bottles of original Minchinbury sparkling. From what we could ascertain, they were from the 1920s, and while the levels weren’t great and the colour indicated that the wines were well and truly past their best, I often wondered what they would have been like: an opportunity to taste a piece of Australian wine history. Minchinbury was once a famous label that was recognised worldwide and now is under the Woolworth’s banner. The original winery in Sydney’s north-west was left to ruin but the grounds have since been revitalised. Under this current incarnation, Tina Jarrett is winemaker.

Minchinbury, Blush, Rosé Cuvée, Australia, NV

A plastic lined foil made opening this a little harder than I expected a wine at this price point to be. Exceptionally loud pop from the cork and a gushy mousse frothed well in the glass. Light watermelon, tart cherry, strawberry and over ripe peach. Sharp and tart palate with a teeth-aching acid profile. It finishes short but still relatively clean.

RRP: $8.99
Alc: 11.5%
Rating: 15/20

Wine sample courtesy of Minchinbury Wines and Dialogue PR


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