Gundog Estate Sunshine Vineyard Semillon 2014

A few years ago, the AWRI researched the soils of the Hunter Valley where semillon was grown and it seemed to thrive on sandier soils close to a water source. Luckily the the Sunshine vineyard soil is incredibly sandy and well drained, with the block planted over an old creek bed. Matt Burton Gundog Estate winemaker claims this is the most “classic” of the Single Vineyard 2014 semillon range.

Gundog Estate, Sunshine Vineyard, Semillon, Hunter Valley, 2014

Archetypal light lemon-green in the glass. Fine, refreshing citrus aromas with a pine needle green hint and a distinct creamy/yoghurt undertone (the wine spent four months on lees).  Crisp and yes, “classic” Hunter lines with lemon/lime pip citrus, an espy of bittersweet tropical and an acidity that has just reached cruising altitude. Wonderfully balanced with an understated complexity. The most refined of the three wines.

RRP: $50
Alc: 11.8%
Rating: 18/20

Wine sample courtesy of Gundog Estate


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