Take It To The Grave Pinot Noir 2017

The innovative team at Fourth Wave Wine have released a range of their well made, good value wines in 250ml cans. Packaging such as this has multiple benefits: perfect sizing for 2 glasses over dinner, results in lightweight transportation, has reduced cost of production and reduced waste as aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Not that long ago it may have felt unfamiliar removing a screw cap for wine but now the “crack” of the seal is welcomed and whilst pulling back on tab and being greeted with silence from the contents (rather than any form of carbonation as is usual for a canned beverage), it won’t take long before this too feels familiar. This wine made by the talented Corey Ryan.

Take It To The Grave, Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills, 2017

Lifted cherry, rose petals and cedar side board. A little stalky with a bramble green note and herby thyme. Bright and lifted, super friendly, cherries and red currant, orange rind with raspberry/musk stick finish. Easy chalky tannin makes for a satisfying, toothsome finish. Feels even more satisfying to crush the empty tinnie. Perfect for the next camping trip, picnic or concert!
RRP: $5.99 ($22.99 x 4)
Alc: 13.%
Rating: 16.25/20
Wine sample courtesy of Fourth Wave Wine

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