Topper’s Mountain Tannat 2013

Tannat. Palindrome. Not enough of those in the wine industry. This one is from New England. If only Glenelg made more tannat. Anyway. Wild yeast and old oak.

Topper’s Mountain, Tannat, New England, 2013

Boom. Just boom. Potentially the slowest moving legs down the edge of the glass I’ve seen for a long time. Smoky vanilla oak giving a cushy ride to layers and layers of ripe dark fruits: black cherries, blackberries and mulberries. Heady with lashings of spice: redolent of rich, fresh Christmas cake…yet it doesn’t smell hot or spirituous, that’s a sign of well handled fruit. And while the palate is full and a little desiccated, it doesn’t burn. The fruit is still there and alive, even if some of the secondary elements are hinting: boot polish/yeasty tones. The tannins are front and square and with subtle reminders of acidity on the teeth, gives nod to the fact it isn’t done yet…maybe another 5 years? Powerful, rippling, mature.

RRP: $30
Alc: 15.8%
Rating: 18/20

Wine sample courtesy of Topper’s Mountain

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