Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay 2018

I must admit to struggling to write an introduction for this wine properly, so I’ll let you know I’m listening to a Metallica mix in the background, currently ‘The Call of Ktulu’ is playing. An instrumental piece of monstrous proportions evoking the imagery of Lovecraft’s mythical gargantuan (though with a different spelling of Cthulhu, perhaps due to copyright?) I’m not sure this wine is a layered as the polyphony of this particular track, but they both had their roots in the 80s and continue to have hardcore fans.

Jacob’s Creek, Classic, Chardonnay, South Australia, 2018

Presents with a pale gold hue. Warm peach and melon flesh, ripely varietal. Nougat, lemon curd and nutty cashew cream. Soft and creamy texture with broad fruit profile before leading to a tighter than expected finish. Whilst the composition is not as malevolent nor complex as Ktulu, it isn’t as insidious either. A wine for those who’d prefer their chardonnay on the richer side.

RRP: $11.99
Alc: 12.9%
Rating: 16/20

Wine sample courtesy of Jacob’s Creek

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