Gundog Estate Hilltops Shiraz No.2 2018

While the fruit for the No. 1 comes from the esteemed Freeman Vineyard, the fruit for No. 2 is sourced from Jason Brown’s Moppity vineyard.  Note: Bottle image has vintage 2017, but naught has changed save for the year stamp.

Gundog Estate, Hilltops Shiraz No.2, Hilltops, 2018


Opens to aromatic clove and nutmeg, stalky spice. Licorice edged plum and sumptuous Belgian choc with blue edges. Earthen elements too, of mushroom cap. Medium bodied. Suave, dark fruits with a tarry hint and a dry tart, tight, puckering finish. Tannins lift their voice in the coda to show they’re definitely there, yet more baritone than bass

RRP: $35
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 18.25/20

Wine sample courtesy of Gundog Estate


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