Bremerton Wines Special Release Vermentino 2018

First tasted this in April 2019 and now a chance to re taste. It’s educational to see how wines evolve.

Bremerton Wines, Special Release, Vermentino, Langhorne Creek, 2018

April 2019:
Lifted and bright nose with mandarin citrus and salty spice. The palate crisp, inviting the mouth to salivate and let the juices flow! The same briny feel on the nose remains as a basso continuo whole the melody of citrus with interest over the top. A balanced finished, with long flavor makes for a very good wine.

RRP: $24
Alc: 12%
Rating: 17.75/20

Re-tasted 10/02/2020:

Very pale lemon, Sea spray and lemon/lime zest, mnadarin peel, dried pawpaw with a mixed birdseed earthy element. Finely boned with dead straight salty lines like boat ramp  rails into the sea. Energetic acidity cutting and thrusting through to a slaking dry minerally finish. Crying out for tapa of stuffed green olives and sardines.

Alc :12%
RRP: $24
Rating: 17.25/20

Wine sample courtesy of Bremerton Wines

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