Albino Rocca of Piedmonte

Last Saturday the 7th of March I was fortunate enough to spend time with the team from Bibendum Wine Co and Prince Wine Store as they hosted Daniela Rocca, of Albino Rocca in Piedmonte for wonderful afternoon discovering their excellent Nebbiolos and a couple of mind blowing Ca’ D’Gal Moscato d’Asti to finish the bracket. Daniela proving to be an vast and knowledgeable source and clearly articulated the varied soil compositions and altitudes of each of the region’s famous plots. While there are other wines in the Albino Rocca range, this represents the upper echelon.

Rosso di Rocca, Nebbiolo, 2016 
2% cab franc. Stainless steel. Pale ruby, easy tannin structure, bright fruit. Cherry hint of dusty violet. Spice and easy. Medium length. Chill slightly? Why not! The perfect Langhe for summer.

Barbaresco, 2016
A blend of plots, average age 20. Rich leather and licorice spice, black plum and cherry, hints of sweeter vanilla. Tannins are Intense and taut while still offering a generous palate.

Cotta, 2016
Single vineyard with age of 70 years and only 2nd vintage of the label. Mineral and earthy perfume hint of pine with plenty of black cherry, pot-pourri and sweet spice. Tannins are light weave mesh like while still very present. Persistent waves of flavour with purpose and still retaining a delicacy. A highlight for me.

Ronchi, 2016
Single vineyard directly opposite Cotta. More fruit driven and overt. Dripping with plum, cherry fruit and dried peel spice. power and precise tannins with fleshy fruit and an echo of mint and a creamy wrapper. Beautifully balanced.

Montersino, 2016
Bright and clean nose, pine and mineral notes with only cherry hint. Floral rose petal elements even a touch of musk. Energetic palate, chalky tannins with excellent acidity and precise fruit.

Montersino, 2015
From a very warm vintage. Meaty and profound nose caramel cream and leather and orange with a drying fruit character. Showing the vintage with a flatter broader fruit profile. Tannins are still present but not dominating. Unfortunate to see it among the intense and pure 2016s, standalone it may have had a better showing.

Ovello vigna Loreto, 2016
Smoky and intense, with mineral ferrous cherry drop fruit, musky and floral. Frisky, strong and wild…tannins are toothsome, muscular and will need plenty of time.

Angelo, 2016
Named in honour of after Daniela’s late father. Comprised of 50% Ronchi and 25% each Montersino and Loreto. Cofermented with 55 days on skin and 24 months on oak. Profound, perfumed leather cherry skin ferrous lines, dried peel, deep rose petal and pine,mocha and smoky hint. Juxtaposition of earth and fruit. A beautiful wine with depth, complexity and compelling fruit driven tannins. Ethereal fruit, showing promises of the future while still being a beautiful drink now. Excellence, power and delicacy.

Ca’ d’Gal, Moscato d’Asti Vite Vecchia, 2012
From one of the most interesting Moscato d’Asti producers. Lemon curd and fresh sapling strips, daisy flower and lavender wood. Creamy and woody with stone fruit and lifted lemon, thirst lolly and white box honey comb. Soft mousse with wonderful intensity and brightness.

Ca’ d’Gal, Moscato d’Asti Vite Vecchia, 2008
Woodier and more animal than the 2012. Carrying a touch of development and TDN (trimethyl dihydronapthalene giving that slight petroleum/kerosine aroma). Lemon to curd/butter to toasty/biscuity savoury notes. Magical palate…still bright, fresh and frisky and intensity. Complexity with vanilla lemon cream in waves. Outstanding wine.




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