Castle Rock Estate Riesling 2019 redux

A second round take of the 2019 ….the anticipated release after reviewing last year’s Rieslings from talented winemaker Rob Diletti.

Castle Rock Estate, Riesling, Porongurup, 2019

Lime depth, richness like brulee with honeysuckle/honeycomb with pure mineral quartz lines and sea-spray. The palate so clean: precise and pure with just a briny texture to give grip. The finish bone dry and long. A beautiful Riesling with personality and depth.

Re tasted 12/03/2020:

Retains the same depth of lime/grapefruit citrus with sweeter floral blossom and such a dry linear minerally palate. So pristine and exacting without any effort at all. A bargain.

RRP: $25
Alc: 11.5%
Rating: 19/20

Wine sample courtesy of Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine

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