Plus & Minus = Zero: Fourth Wave Wine Release New Zero Alcohol Wines

The innovative and busy team at Fourth Wave Wine have now joined the swelling ranks of producers who include a low-alcohol or no-alcohol brand in their line up. The FWW crew are usually well tapped into the zeitgeist like a modern day spiritual medium, so it’s no great surprise that these wines now make up part of their ever-growing portfolio.
Nicholas Crampton, owner of Fourth Wave Wine, states “there is a new wave of health-conscious consumers looking to continue to enjoy the occasions, rituals and flavours they always have but want to moderate their alcohol.”

So what’s the plus and what’s the minus? You could argue that you get plus by being able to drink wine in any social context and minus away your worries of any chance of losing your licence or inhibitions. Officially though, the media release states: “It’s a Plus + for Antioxidants and a Minus – for Alcohol!”

The wines, put together by long-time FWW winemaking partner Corey Ryan, have been “hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape seed extract (GSE) during the winemaking process. This is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants delivering more of those benefits that can already be found in red wine but without the alcohol.

A Shiraz and a Pinot Noir are the first two wines to be released (no vintage stated), using fruit from a moderately warm region. This ensures full ripeness of flavour, Mr Crampton has said “We have used quality Langhorne Creek fruit that was really big on flavour to achieve a new standard in zero alcohol wine. We set out to make high quality non-alcohol wines that people would want to drink!”

The wines will be available from September 2020 through Liquorland stores, with an RRP of $15.99 or purchased directly from Fourth Wave Wine


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