Wolf Blass Makers’ Project Malbec 2019

The newest label in the range deliberately aimed at “millennial” wine drinkers and “launched to celebrate expertise and innovation in wine”. These are keenly priced and made deliberately for immediate consumption. Senior Winemaker is Clare Dry and she states of the range ““These are wines our winemakers love to make, wines that highlight innovative quirks as well as the winemaking processes that make them not only tasty, but fresh, original and exciting. Further to this, millennials are leading the conversation about wine, pushing established brands to create new paths of discovery. We recognised an opportunity to bring new, younger consumers into wine by providing something different to the category that celebrates that expertise and innovation.”
There you have it. But is the wine any good?

Wolf Blass, Makers’ Project, Malbec, South Australia, 2019

Partial “whole berry” fermentation. Deep purple with electric bright rim. Black cherry and “bubblegum” hints with light sandalwood spice, cotton wool, black jelly bean and blackberry jam. Handsomely medium-light body with woody spice driving good length of dark purple fruits. Bright acidity and nice varietal tannic grumble and chew. Match to medium rare protein  and you’re in happyland.

RRP: $20
Alc: 14%
Rating:  17.2/20 (91/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Wolf Blass and TWE


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