Giant Steps LDR Pinot Noir Syrah 2019

If the Hunter Valley can do it, why not the Yarra? For mine, the Yarra is far more suited for Pinot Noir, but the Hunter does have pockets of excellence. The LDR in this instance isn’t Lovedale Road, but Light Dry Red. From Steve Flamsteed and the team. Unfiltered and vinified gently with the Giant Steps gravity flow winery. The label is no longer made unfortunately.

Giant Steps, LDR, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Yarra Valley, 2019



Dark cherry and raspberry aromas with some “wine gum” jubeyness. A little meaty whiff of depth, graphite, cooling herb balm, green peppercorns and light vanilla hints. Medium bodied with cheeky brightness and balanced with spiced darkness. Fruit forward but not simple. The right amount of grip and weave. Medium length finish. A wine for now and to just enjoy the sensory balance.

RRP: $30 (when it was available)
Alc: 13.5%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine bottle gifted.


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