Vinteloper PP/19 Rosé 2019

The 2020 is the current release, but I purchased this last year and forget I had a few bottles. A blend of Pinots Noir and Gris. The artwork for the Vinteloper labels has been created by Dave Bowley’s talented other half: @shazhong

Vinteloper, PP/19, Rosé, Adelaide Hills, 2019


A calm mix of cherry and pear with a steely spine and squeeze of peach slice. Still juicy and vibrant, while offering a moments of considered relaxation. Dry and in the “savoury” end of the rosé spectrum. A faint amount of chew at the finish is welcome. Still drinking fine.

RRP: $25 (current release 2020)
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 17.75/20 (91/100)

Wine self purchased from Vinteloper


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