Matthew Atallah Wines Block 1 Cabernet Franc 2018

Matt Atallah snuck this one in with the other recent samples that he sent. From what I understand, it’s no longer commercially available, as such, I’m not going to rate it.  

Matthew Atallah Wines, Block 1, Cabernet Franc, Orange, 2018


A fine mix of yin and yang: Cigar ash, blackcurrant/cassis, roast capsicum, turned earth, roasted root vegetables and grated chocolate. Seamlessly medium bodied. Juicy fruit stepping lightly. The tannins are fine grained and play an easy supporting role in the savoury base with high tones of a little mint.  Anjou via Orange. Super enjoyable and we can only hope that Matt makes another when the vintage is right. 

Alc: 13.3%
Rating:  NR

Wine sample courtesy of Matthew Atallah Wines


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