Chaffey Bros Not Your Grandma’s Riesling 2021

From a 40+ year old vineyard in the upper reaches of Springton in the Eden Valley.

Chaffey Bros, Not your Grandma’s, Riesling, Eden Valley, 2021


Flavour-full Riesling. Doesn’t shy away and be all coy like “come back in 20 years time and maaaaaaybe I’ll be ready.” That’s not to say it won’t last that long. Probably will. But chances are there won’t be any left to try as it will have all been drunk.

Sliced apples, juiced limes, hints of richer green pear too. A suggestion of saline sea spray and a hint of rosewater. Some grip and width through the front of the palate but the right amount of tight, tense intense citrus to close. Bring all the dumplings.

RRP: $22
Alc: 12%
Rating:17.5/20 (90/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Chaffey Bros.


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