Longview Macclesfield Chardonnay 2020

This polarising Chardonnay was the first released as “Macclesfield” with a topographic label, and now re-badged to be an extension of the wonderfully labelled new range with “ethereal photographs of sculptures from (our) vineyard – hewn from Macclesfield pink marble.

Longview, Macclesfield, Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills, 2020

Fresh blonde oak, lemon and lime juice, briny Samboy™ chips, soft doughy pretzel, ginger cream (near horseradish), grapefruit pith, soft white stone fruit and earthy wet sand. Dry and savoury with an intense acid focus, the palate is layered, long. Structural (but not dominating) oak and ginger spice with animalistic lanolin, this is a broad, full and powerful expression.

RRP: $45
Alc: 12.5%
Rating: 18.25/20 (93/100)

Wine sample courtesy of Longview Vineyard


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